Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Observation

I was recently in Santa Cruz California, I love Santa Cruz, I always have. I love the beach, the free spirited people, the old homes, the business, the weather, the surfers! On my recent visit I had a few minutes sitting in the car in a very congested area... people were walking every which way, they were the locals, the sun was shining and they were out and about. Santa Cruz is known for its good people watching, the cities logo is "keep Santa Cruz weird" and I have always loved that! While I sat there taking in all the different activity happening just outside my car I was practicing my new way of being non-judgemental, just accept things as they are, don't label them good or bad, just accept. So as I succeeded at just observing without judgement I realized something that I found amusing, all these people, these individuals, were trying so hard to look different and often to the extreme, that they all seemed to look the same. They were all the same in their differentness Ha! The human struggle to be special yet fit in and be accepted by others has followed man generation after generation. I wonder is it this need that has created judgement?

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  1. I try this too, Jacque, sad that I need to consciously practice it. I wonder what does cause us to judge?