Friday, January 28, 2011

Beauty is Love ~ Love is Beauty

When we find ourselves habitually doing something the easiest way to change is to replace the action with a new one. I have been learning to see beauty in everything. In the beginning I struggled with the idea, because my educated mind tells me there are definitely things in this world that are not beautiful. When I heard beauty is love and love is beauty it changed everything for me, it changed the way my thoughts are formed, it changed the way I look at things and yes the things I look at have begun to change. When we see things with love and love only we see them much differently, the labels of the conditioned mind begin to melt and fade away. This is a wonderful way to live my life, I am noticing how this is not only helping me with my journey to be non-judge mental but I am now living in a much more beautiful world and who wouldn't aspire to that ~ may everything you encounter be of love and beauty ~ Jacque

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