Sunday, January 23, 2011

Somedays I Do Better Then Others

The title of this post tells it all, this non judging can be very difficult for me. There are moments and situations in our lives that are emotionally charged and these times seem to be when I find it the most difficult. I live in a quiet cute little older neighborhood, I don't know my neighbors well, I like my neighbors, overall everyone is considerate to others and we seem to have a live and let live neighborhood .... accept for "The House".
"The House" happens to be right across the street from my house. It has been empty for about 2 years now, actually a good thing, we picked up any trash, watered the plants for a while and enjoyed the extra parking when needed. The house foreclosed a few years ago after putting the neighborhood through a few years of unpleasant conditions. During that time I became conditioned to judge. Behaviors I did not like were showing up right at my door step, out my front window and ear shot away. I didn't want to see it, hear it or even know it, but there it was and yes I judged!
So now the house after several months of being on the market is going to auction, the bank has been having "open house" this weekend. The weather has been just beautiful here and being outdoors is a must. I found myself, curious as well as concerned about those possible future neighbors showing up to view the house... all I had to go on was first impression based on physical appearance and behaviors... judging! Darn, it is hard not to judge when people are doing behaviors that I consider rude... I want to live and let live... but not next to that. Ha! I caught myself frustrated with my concerns about the next possible outcome associated with "the house" and decided to change my thoughts. I have learned a great deal about the power of attraction and decided to use my knowledge in regards to this situation. I will have thoughts about what I want to happen at the house rather then what I don't want. I started to visual some wonderful, kind and considerate neighbors moving in, fixing the house up and making it a nice home for themselves. I stopped seeing and judging the negative behaviors I had witness before. It is yet to be seen who moves in "the house", in the mean time I am choosing to feel good about it, have desirable thoughts and I know that judging isn't going to make it what I want, it just makes me someone who judges.


  1. Very nice Jacque. I tend to not be too judgmental a person overall, but am using this year to become more peaceful with myself as well as other.
    Life certainly is MORE grey. Wish more viewed it as thus.

  2. Another great post. Changing yourself has to be one of the hardest tasks there is. Keep up the good work!!